Dark Mode

Activate the Android Dark Mode. Darken most Google apps, Instagram and more.

It works
It does not work
It works sometimes


Model Day Mode Night Mode Auto Mode
itel A13Plus
itel A14
itel A14RU
itel A14S
itel A15
itel A15R
itel A16
itel A16 Plus
itel A16 Plus RU
itel A20
itel A23
itel A23A
itel A23S
itel A40
itel A42 Plus
itel A44 Power
itel A44 PowerRU
itel A52 Lite
itel A52S Lite
itel L5502
itel L5505
itel L6004
itel L6004L
itel L6006
itel S42
itel S661L
itel S661LP
itel W4003
itel W5008
itel W5505
itel W6004
itel W6004P
Itel W7001
itel W7002
itel W7002P
Spice F305