Dark Mode

Activate the Android Dark Mode. Darken most Google apps, Instagram and more.

It works
It does not work
It works sometimes


Model Device Host Android Hardware Day Mode Night Mode Auto Mode
YAL-L41 HWYAL cn-central-1b-2bab0c8551596425090230-2122283582-nnz58 10 kirin980
YAL-L41 HWYAL cn-central-1b-39a2338241577070376400-601263522-gwgn1 9 (Pie) kirin980
YAL-L41 HWYAL cn-central-1b-776d2435e1576024865368-617202381-6jkww 9 (Pie) kirin980
YAL-L41 HWYAL cn-central-1b-81d0dec691596446898551-3776481056-5jc86 10 kirin980
YAL-L41 HWYAL cn-central-1b-dae163e4a1596182337697-3114502361-klhwx 10 kirin980
YAL-L41 HWYAL wh249e21c1c61562916223722-3214368895-bpxjq 9 (Pie) kirin980