Dark Mode

Activate the Android Dark Mode. Darken most Google apps, Instagram and more.

It works
It does not work
It works sometimes


Model Device Host Android Hardware Day Mode Night Mode Auto Mode
MHA-L09 HWMHA android-17of24 7 (Nougat) hi3660
MHA-L09 HWMHA cn-east-1a-4e6781a9f1571891418833-799989bd99-hxzb2 9 (Pie) hi3660
MHA-L09 HWMHA main716338ace1564453065520-2459370878-07cfz 9 (Pie) hi3660
MHA-L09 HWMHA shajk0012cna 9 (Pie) hi3660
MHA-L09 HWMHA wh26a66b35fd1550131440612-3847903284-nzx6q 9 (Pie) hi3660