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HUAWEI [Unknown]

Model Device Host Android Hardware Day Mode Night Mode Auto Mode
[Unknown] hi6210sft localhost#1 4.4 (KitKat) hi6210sft
[Unknown] HWATU-QC xa5e2b6bb1d1536202719972-591285483-97qvd 8 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWAUM-Q WUH1000128899 8 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWBLA sh8a6f40f801534279104454-3533394202-h5q7c 8 (Oreo) kirin970
[Unknown] HWBND-H WUH1000128887 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWBND-H WUH1000129082 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] hwChe2 localhost#1 4.4 (KitKat) hi6210sft
[Unknown] HWDUB-Q BLR1000024136 8.1 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWDUB-Q siajk104cna 8.1 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWDUB-Q WUH1000128918 8.1 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWEML shf6761b4391531470532106-2473021163-zhr2h 8.1 (Oreo) kirin970
[Unknown] HWEML wh296cdb49cd1530603040973-1131042855-k9cs0 8.1 (Oreo) kirin970
[Unknown] HWFIG-H main94d2df2421564130764173-3488415892-6jzhx 9 (Pie) hi6250
[Unknown] HWFIG-H shajk0112cna 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWFIG-H szvphicpra01968 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWFIG-H wh2282963b511533626951901-870274151-lfm3b 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWFIG-H wh28a00e54de1559705839950-2212192978-2h2cr 9 (Pie) hi6250
[Unknown] HWFIG-H wh2adbd9cd0d1561514453030-470245771-qqh73 9 (Pie) hi6250
[Unknown] HWFIG-H whb9ef3931e1563020605382-3985133211-fwz0h 9 (Pie) hi6250
[Unknown] HWFIG-H WUH1000129495 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWFLA-H shajk0112cna 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] hwG735 localhost#1 4.4 (KitKat) hi6210sft
[Unknown] HWHDL wh239f59bb7c1559510372734-1130322002-lcmlh 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWHDL wh93f2df36f1551842995825-1933594021-p3nsz 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWHDN-H main26f8af1131573549899799-1954347526-wt91d 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWHMA szvjk004cna 9 (Pie) kirin980
[Unknown] HWHMA szvphicpra01939 9 (Pie) kirin980
[Unknown] HWHMA wh2253d965ac1551700916508-10442118-m2l17 9 (Pie) kirin980
[Unknown] HWLDN-Q cn-central-1b-554682a191582610430331-1905231424-b30nx 8 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWLDN-Q WUH1000128960 8 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWLLD-H shajk0112cna 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWLLD-H SIA1000116847 8 (Oreo) hi6250
[Unknown] HWLND-Q szvphicpra02027 8 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWLND-Q szvphicpra02112 8 (Oreo) qcom
[Unknown] HWSTK-H shajk0012cna 9 (Pie) kirin710
[Unknown] [Unknown] cn-central-1b-a0c3f69a51594606078394-1510572808-0mkd3 10 mt6765